Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inserting mp3s or music files.

Ever thought of inserting your favorite song as an mp3 or other audio file into your blog? Well here you can learn how, it's quick and easy.

Add this tag <EMBED SRC="fileURL" HEIGHT="40" WIDTH="200">. For example:

<EMBED SRC="" "HEIGHT="40" WIDTH="200">
This will produce a 40x200 player to appear at the desired point in the page, which will play the file. Shown below;
Once you have done this give the widget a title like "My Music" and save.


If you use <EMBED SRC="fileURL" HIDDEN="TRUE" AUTOSTART="TRUE"> instead of <EMBED SRC="fileURL" HEIGHT="40" WIDTH="200">, the player will be hidden, but automatically play in the background.

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