Sunday, February 27, 2011

Floating Back To Top

If you have some longs posts, or if some loyal visitors, who love to comment a lot on your blog, then it may create a small problem to other visitors, who would wish to come quickly to the top of the blog, after reading a post and it's comments.

So to add a short-cut for them, would be a good idea in this case. For this you can easily add a "Go to Top" arrow button, which keeps on sliding as the readers reads the post, and whenever clicked by him/her, it will escort them to the top region of the blog [See this in action in this blog - Right corner].

Go to Layout -> Add a Gadget -> HTML/JavaScript type

 Then paste this code in to it:

<a style="display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:5px;right:5px;" href="#" title="Back to Top"><img src="" /></a>
And of course you can use other images too, by replacing the red part of the code above

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