Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to tell what kind of drive is used

When dealing with multiple drives, it is helpful to know
whether a drive is associated with a  is attached to a letter
(A, B, C, etc), and what its type is.  This code uses the API
GetDriveType function to do that. }
function ShowDriveType(DriveLetter: char): string;var
  i: word;begin
  if DriveLetter in ['A'..'Z'] then {Make it lower case.}
    DriveLetter := chr(ord(DriveLetter) + $20);
  i := GetDriveType(ord(DriveLetter) - ord('a'));
  case i of
    DRIVE_REMOVABLE: result := 'floppy';
    DRIVE_FIXED: result := 'hard disk';
    DRIVE_REMOTE: result := 'network drive';
    else result := 'does not exist';

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